How to get STC loan or Advance Credit?

STC Loan or Sawa 5 Riyal advance credit is very handy in emergency situations. In this article, we shall explain how to borrow STC load, emergency loan/balance, or Sawa 5 riyals advance credit through a code.

Even though STC emergency loan or advance credit is way too less than Zain Advance Balance which offers SR 10 and Mobily Advance Balance which offers an advance balance up to SR 30, yet it is handy when you run short of balance.

Sawa users can send the STC emergency loan or advance balance/credit code to a designated number and borrow 5 riyal STC load which is valid only for 24 hours. Here is a complete guide for STC users;

Automatic subscription to Sawa Advance credit

As soon as you get out of credit, STC will send you a message from 808808, offering to receive a 5 riyal STC advance balance by replying with a code. You would be asked to reply with the STC emergency loan code “1” to proceed for a balance worth riyal 5.

borrow sawa 5 riyal advance credit

As soon as you reply with the STC emergency loan code “1”, you shall receive a confirmation message confirming that your account has been recharged with the Sawa advance credit of riyal 5. You need to consume it within 24 hours or it shall expire automatically.

how to borrow STC emergency load/balance/loan

As soon as you recharge your account, you shall face a deduction of the STC emergency loan. This offer is valid only for prepaid customers.

Manual subscription of STC Advance Balance

If you did not receive a message from 808808 to borrow the STC load, you can send a request for the STC advance balance as well. For that, you shall follow this simple procedure:

  • Write STC emergency loan code “1” in an SMS
  • Send it to 808808.
  • Soon you will receive Sawa 5 riyal advance credit.
  • Utilize the credit within 24 hours.

You should make sure that your credit is zero to proceed for the STC emergency loan. The STC advance balance shall be only given to those who are eligible and valid Sawa users. In case of any problem, you can always contact the STC helpline.

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