10 Gift items for kids under 12 in the range SR 100

To see a smile on your kids face you can surprise them by giving gifts to them. To get a perfect present for them in a reasonable price is no less than a hard work for you. Sometimes selecting a gift for your kid gives you a headache. Now I am going to mention the list of 10 things u can gift any kid by just spending SR100.

1-Dolls and Stuff toys: Gift a beautiful doll to your daughter, perhaps she will be very happy to get a beautiful doll. You can either gift your kids with stuff toys. Stuff toys of many animals, teddy bears, and beautiful dolls are easily available in the range of SR 100.[irp]

In the local market of Saudi Arabia, the dolls and toys are very expensive due to higher profit margins. You can always buy them online.


2-Magnetics building blocks: To gift magnetic toys and building blocks is a great idea. Now there are many magnetic building blocks available in the market. Children will love to have it.

3-Educational toys and Abacus: As this is a beautiful idea to gift children under 10 years of age, Educational toys help to improve their knowledge and stimulate their brain. There are numerous Mathematics, Science and Astronomy toys available online.

4-Plasticine: Gift plasticine to your kid. As kids love to play with plasticines. They love to make beautiful shapes. This kind of gifts improves creativity among children. If you feel that your child has an interest towards artistic things, buy plasticine for them.

5-Music instruments toys: The musical instruments toy is a love of every child. The child has a special attraction in things that create noise or any sort of music. These are not much expensive. You can easily get 1 or 2 toys in just SR100.

6-Pretend to play toys: Girls love to pretend to play toys of kitchenware, dolls dresser and housekeeping toys while u can gift boys toys of doctor instruments or any other pretend play toy. You must have seen girls playing with pretending to play toys. It keeps them busy and improves imaginative powers.

7-Wind-up toys: Boys are crazy to play with wind-up toys. You can gift them many wind-up toys in just SR100. My son is crazy for cars, he keeps on playing with them all the time. However, wind-up toys are suitable for kids under 5 years’ age.

8-Shoulder bag: To gift a Schoolbag is not a bad idea. It is a need of every child. Maybe the child will not be pleased with this gift for a while but this gift will not go wasted. He can later use it as his school bag. Although now it’s trending beautifully printed bags of cartoon characters and stuff toys shaped bags. You can gift them their favorite cartoon character bag.

9-Colorful dress: U can gift girls with colorful frocks, skirts, shirts while boys can be gifted vibrant colored pants, shirts and cardigans. Believe me, if a colorful dress is liked by a girl, she will remember it for a long time.

10-Kid’s shoes: This is not a bad idea to gift them. All you have to know the exact size of their shoes. They will love it.

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