8 Best Online Shopping Websites in KSA

Who doesn’t love online shopping? Getting your favorite brands, at special online discounted prices, that too without moving from the comfort of your own bed, yes it is made possible by some online shopping websites in KSA. Here are the top online shopping websites in Saudi Arabia which offer cash on delivery.


If you ask me about the biggest hit among the online shopping websites in KSA in recent years, Noon is the only answer. Noon is a newly launched website in Saudi Arabia that has gained a reasonable market share within no time.

Amazon KSA

This is the best online shopping website in Saudi Arabia for all electronic tech junkies. The Amazon.sa is owned by the tech giant Amazon. It will sell you anything ranging from home appliances to cameras.

They also have the newest models in stock, and the best part is, they offer payment on delivery, which is pretty neat. Basically, a techie’s heaven. It is undoubtedly the market leader in online selling in Saudi Arabia.

Souq is an online shopping site in Saudi Arabia that offers cash on delivery options for those who don’t have credit cards. 


When buying branded articles online, you are always scared that you might buy a fake product but not with Namshi. You can buy original products from Namshi at discounted prices and get a further discount by using the following code.

  • Namshi Discount Code: IND or PAK.


Sivvi is owned by Noon and they offer almost similar products as Namshi. However, since it is a newly launched business, sometimes they offer better discounts than other market players. You don’t have to worry about the originality of the product if you are buying from Sivvi.

  • Sivvi Discount Code: SCC.


Don’t know where to get the perfect gifts in Saudi Arabia? Check out Printcious Gifts where you can customize your gifts. You will find a wide range of products such as t-shirts, magnets, mugs and many more.

Each and every gift item can be catered to your own design so choose a gift, design and print images or texts on it easily. Printcious ships worldwide so impress families and friends no matter where they are.


There is a good range of electronic products available on this online shopping website in KSA called Xcite. The added advantage of the website is that they don’t charge for delivery costs. It is one of those websites where you can use Paypal Balance to make payments.

Jarir Bookstore

Jarir Bookstore in Saudi Arabia does not need any introduction as this is the best online shopping website in KSA for smartphones and gadgets. They are known for their high-quality products.

Almost all the things are available at a price that is 10% to 15% higher than the price offered by other online shopping websites in KSA but still, people prefer to buy from them.

Extra Stores

Extra Stores is another KSA online shopping website that has gained a good market share within no time. Extra Stores were historically known for their physical stores but with the evolution of technology and the new trends of online selling, they have changed their marketing strategy. 

Many times they offer free delivery to their customers who make orders online. Moreover, there are exclusive promotions on their online shopping website which are not available in their stores in KSA.

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