10 items you can gift someone who just shifted to a new House

Housewarming parties are a popular trend and whenever such parties pop up, we surely get confused as to what we should gift to someone who just shifted to a new house. Whether it be a formal housewarming party or a casual gathering, here is a list of some good choices of gifts mentioned below.

1-Wall Stickers: Certainly, the easiest to pick and affordable gift. It is appropriate as the new house should have some decorations to start with. Some brightly colored wall stickers are not a bad choice at all.[irp]

2-Wall clock: A stylish wall clock always does the trick. If it’s someone close, then up your budget and go for additional features like the one displaying temperature or a digital one. They vary in size as you can get huge ones or very small ones too.

It all depends on the budget once you decide to get one, also leaves a very good impact on the person you gift it to. If you really want to see a good collection of wall clocks in the affordable range, check it here.

3-Home Decor Collectibles: These can vary in range greatly, from the smallest and cheapest of things to the most expensive of them, now it’s up to you who you have to gift it to. Choosing the gift depends on your relationship but the wide variety and range make it very easy to select according to your need.

4-Lamps: Something to brighten things up! A lamp is always a stylish and affordable gift, they come in different styles and carvings which look beautiful sitting at the bedside of the room.

5-Dinnerware: A set of plates with beautiful patterns, glasses with pretty designs or some brightly colored mugs are a sign of affection and leave a very positive impression. All the women love good dinnerware in their new kitchens and what would be better than putting in a new dinnerware set.

Dinnerware has a large variety so you can choose easily between your price ranges. I normally prefer to buy dinnerware online as you can select from a huge variety.

6-Vases and baskets: The evergreen and probably the most popular gift of all time is a vase. Although it is very common we cannot forget the fact that without it, our living rooms feel empty. Their beautiful shape and patterns are pleasing to the eyes and they are without a doubt still a great choice.

7-Kitchen organization items: Shifting into a new house means that everything is unorganized and out of order, then what better than to gift some kitchen organization items. They are small but effective and handy, like racks and holders, serving and storage dinnerware.

8-Wall lights: Trendy, beautiful and affordable. They come in stylish shapes and look different than the other gifts. If you are looking for something out of the way, wall lights is a very good choice to go with.

9-Artificial Flowers: The gardens on the outside look beautiful but the houses on the inside look somewhat gloomy so why not add a little color to them with some bright and colorful flowers? Along with beautiful vases, it is an ideal choice for decoration.

10-Rugs: Every house has some fancy rugs lying about so don’t worry about whether someone would use it or not, they always come in handy whether it’s in the living room or the dining room. So go ahead and grab a good looking rug!

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