7 Most Famous Loyalty Cards in Saudi Arabia you must have in your Wallet

The trend of loyalty and membership cards is very successful in the western and Middle Eastern countries. In Saudi Arabia, many companies are offering membership and loyalty cards to the public. Following are some best loyalty cards which are mostly the useful ones;

1-Tawfeer: This is the most precious loyalty card program which allows its holder to purchase many items at discounted rates. Panda has introduced these cards and is advertising them as well. In panda, those products which are on discount carry two price tags out of which one is for the normal customer and another one is for Tawfeer card holders.[irp]

2-Shukran: Landmark Group offers Shukran loyalty card program. It is a new rewards program and a way of saying ‘thank you’ to its loyal customers. Shukran have more than 10,000 outlets in 7 countries and 3 million members.

Shukran provides free membership for a lifetime and is designed to provide with a huge choice of brands from which to earn and convert rewards. You can earn points even during sales and promotions.

3-Nuhdeek: Nahdeek is a membership card offer by Nahdi pharmacy across Saudi Arabia. Nahdeek card allows cash discounts. It is a program to give a token of thanks for customer’s loyalty towards Nahdi Pharmacy. 

After getting registered in Nahdeek program, the cardholder will get points for each visit to the nearest Nahdi, Saudi, Dan or Sudais Pharmacy. These points will give you discounts, benefits, and gifts to members.  

4-NaSmiles: NaSmiles is the new loyalty program of Fly Nas and designed to reward their customers every time they fly with them. It is very easy to gain a Smile point for every Riyal spent.

It allows their customers to exchange their Smile points for flights, selecting the best seat, buying over baggage and by relaxing in style at chosen airport lounges across their network.

5-Alfursan: Alfursan is among the best loyalty cards programs in Saudi Arabia. As a member of Alfursan card, customers can earn miles for each time they travel with Saudi. These miles can be redeemed for free flights and upgrades.

In addition, the members of the card can also avail special benefits which include an extra luggage allowance and baggage tags.

6-Budget Loyalty Card: Budget Saudi is the leading rent a car company in the Middle East region. Their Budget loyalty card provides discounts every time when customers rent a car through the card. It is the program with the largest number of rental car outlets in the Gulf.

For every SAR 100 spent, one reward point is gained. Collected points are valid for life. Points can also be exchanged in slabs of 50,100,200,500,700 and 1000 and these can be easily exchanged at any Budget Saudi location. In addition, these cards can be used as a discount card while traveling outside the Kingdom.

7-Prism: Magrabi Optical is the world private eyewear brand. Prism is the newest loyalty program in eye care. The reward program of Magrabi Optical allows members to gain points on every purchase and exchange them for full or partial payments. Prism loyalty card is valid across the Middle East.

Source: Destination KSA

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