Traffic police to fine drivers without car insurance

Saudi Traffic police have issued a statement that all car drivers who do not have valid car insurance in Saudi Arabia, will be automatically fined.

How would they issue a ticket?

The traffic police will automatically issue a traffic violation within 3 days of the expiry of the car insurance.

Moreover, if another traffic violation is registered on a vehicle, the system would automatically checks if the driver has valid car insurance. In case of absence of insurance, the driver will receive two fines i.e.

  1. for the traffic violation committed and;
  2. for not having car insurance.

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Traffic fine for driving without car insurance

Saudi traffic police impose a fine of SR 150 on drivers who drive a vehicle without valid car insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Hit-and-Run cases

You might have noticed that hit and run cases have been increasing in Saudi Arabia. The major reason for the increase in hit-and-run cases is that the car driver does not have insurance to cover the damage caused to the other party.

With this measure, the traffic police expect that the number of hit-and-run cases would significantly reduce as there is no need to run if your insurance company is going to pay for damages.

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