What to do if cruise control fails?

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What is Cruise Control?

Cruise control is a system in motor vehicles that automatically control the speed of the car and maintain it at a steady level of the vehicle that is set by the driver of the vehicle. If this system fails the driver is unable to control the speed and stop the car.

In the last few days, a number of cruise control system failures have been reported. Fortunately, the police intervention on time was able to deal with the incident and save the precious lives of the people. The incidents occurred after the cruise control system failed in the car.

Cruise Control incidents

Most of the incidents were reported from Dubai. The Director-General of the police operation room in Sharjah, Colonel Jassim bin Hada reported that they dealt with most of the cruise control incident and in most of the incidents they noted that the vehicle’s speed got stuck between 130km/h and 60km/h.

Colonel Bin Hada said that recently they were able to rescue a man who was traveling from Dubai to Sharjah when his car speed stuck at 130km/h due to cruise control failure. He said as soon as they were reported by the incident the police patrol rushed to deal with the life-threatening situation. They remained in direct contact with the driver guiding him through how to stop the vehicle.

The police guided the motorists but at very first they made sure that the drivers have fastened the seat belts and the hazard light switched on and they also guided the motorists to remain calm in such a situation. In one incident the police saved the driver’s life after making him jump out of his car to the police car in order to disable the cruise.

What to do in case of cruise control failure?

Now the Police have advised their drivers not to completely rely on cruise control while driving their vehicle and also advised the motorists to be cautious and drive the vehicle within the speed limits. Besides this, the police also urged the drivers to carry out the daily maintenance of their vehicles to avoid any dangerous situations.

If you are driving in any vehicle and your vehicle’s cruise control failed then follow the following steps;

  1. First of all, you have to remain calm in such a situation.
  2. Make sure your seat belt is fastened
  3. Turn on the hazard light
  4. Call 999 as soon as possible for help
  5. Put the gear to Neutral and turn off the engine
  6. If the above step fails then try to stop the car by stepping on the brakes firmly and steadily
  7. I the car does not stop by the 6th step then try to pull up the hand brakes firmly holding the steering wheel
  8. If the car still does not stop then change the gear setting from Neutral to Drive repeatedly

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