Video: 3 dead in over-speeding accidents in Qunfuda

A tragic and unfortunate event took place at the village of Al Talaleh which rests in the Thurban district of Majardeh governorate.

A still camera recording shows that an accent Nissan Hyundai traveling at a crazy speed, colliding fiercely with another vehicle putting both the drivers in serious injuries.

The driver with the over-speeding vehicle was seriously injured while the other vehicles (which got hit) driver was reported to be moderately injured. The over-speeding driver was in his twenties while 70 years old was driving the other car.

Both the drivers were admitted to Al Majardah General Hospital. Since last week, 3 people have lost their lives in car accidents on the same road.

The residents of the Thurban and Ahadurban have appealed to the authorities to create civil defense and Red Crescent to contribute towards the lives that are being lost in deadly accidents on the heavy road that links the Majdarah and the Al-Qunfudhah Governorates. The spring season brings heavy traffic on the road.

The residents claim that the nearest Red Crescent or civil defense in Al Majardeh governorate is at a distance of 30km and that from Thurban is 50km. This long-distance puts lives in the threat of others.

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