How to get Taqdeer Accident Report?

In the process of claiming car insurance after the accident in Saudi Arabia, you need to get an assessment of your damaged car from Taqdeer. Here is the process of taking a Taqdeer appointment.

Taqdeer Appointment

There is no English version of the Taqdeer website and therefore, you will have to fill the appointment form in Arabic. 

  • Open the link:حجز-موعد/
  • الاسم: Name.
  • رقم الجوال: Mobile Number.
  • اختر المركز: Select the Taqdeer Center.
  • رقم الحادث: The accident Number is given in Muroor accident report SMS.
  • حروف اللوحة: Alphabets on Car Number Plate.
  • ارقام اللوحة: Digits in Car Number Plate.

Taqdeer Appointment

Taqdeer Centers Location

After booking the appointment, you need to visit the Taqdeer center along with your damaged car.

In the major cities of Saudi Arabia, there are many Taqdeer centers but we have given the location of at least one of them in each city below;

Taqdeer Accident Report

Now you need to get the Taqdeer Accident Report from the Taqdeer Center.

  • Visit the Taqdeer Center.
  • Complete the process for Taqdeer evaluation.
  • You will receive the Taqdeer accident report via SMS containing the value of spare parts and labor charges required to repair the vehicle.

Taqdeer Accident Report

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