Syrian pilgrim dies upon reaching Makkah on a bicycle

According to Arabic media, a Syrian pilgrim who executed his journey from Germany on a bike to Makkah died upon reaching the Holy City.

73 days Journey to Makkah

Ghazi Jassim Shehadeh, a Syrian pilgrim aged 53 years, started his journey from Germany and reached Mecca after 73 days. He recorded and shared his journey on his social media accounts.

Muslims all over the world had been appreciating Ghazi Jassim Shehadeh’s efforts.

In his videos, he shared the joy, challenges, hardships, and bits of his journey. He shared that he is going all the way to Makkah to perform Umrah. He chose a bike journey to express his love and devotion to Islam.

He died upon reaching Makkah

However, on arriving in Makkah, Ghazi Jassim Shehadeh passed away within the boundaries of Haram. His funeral prayer was offered in Masjid al-Haram and he was buried in Makkah.

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