Egyptian arrested for launching controversial Umrah App

It has been reported that Amir Mounir, an Egyptian preacher and the man behind the launch of the new yet controversial Umrah application, has been arrested. His newly launched app faced heavy criticism and controversy. 

What is wrong with the application?

The app was created to facilitate the people who cannot perform Umrah themselves. Thus providing them with a  platform to hire people to perform Umrah on their behalf.

This was something that sparked a heated debate across the Muslim Umah.

In his video, he introduced the app, saying that users who cannot afford to perform Umrah can pay $130 to hire someone else to perform an Umrah on their behalf. The app also facilitates an Umrah performed for dead and sick people.

Mounir justified the app by saying that several people desire to perform Umrah. However, they are posed with several challenges and hurdles. Thus, this app will help them benefit from Umrah while they sit at their place. This app is to facilitate those who face visa, traveling, and other issues.

However, the app was met with sheer criticism as it was commercializing a sacred religious ritual for financial gain. Moreover, many believe it is paving the way for an unacceptable practice. Thus, Egyptian authorities had to prompt action and arrest Mounir.

Source: Gulf News

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