Saudi man, 7-year-old son die of thirst in Saudi desert

A Saudi man and his son got stuck in the middle of the desert and died out of thirst in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi man and his seven-year-old son were going to a sheep grazing barn in the desert.

The car broke down

Unfortunately, the truck broke down and would not repair even after several attempts. The father got exhausted. There were no signals to call for help. Hopelessly, they started walking.

Father died out of thirst

The father who was already exhausted and thirsty collapsed. High temperatures did not allow him to continue his journey on foot. He died there.

The Son too died of thirst

It seems that the son continued the journey on foot, but died a few kilometers apart. He had also died of thirst and exhaustion. His body was only a few kilometers away from the father.

The rescue team arrived late

When the family reported them missing, the Saudi rescue teams started to hunt for them. Yet, found them dead in the middle of the desert. Their truck was also stuck in the sand.

The incident took place in the Ajman Valley, Saudi Arabia. The rescue teams send the bodies to the Prince Sultan Hospital. The bodies were then handed to the family for burial.

How to save the lost people?

The Saudi government has installed many solar power laser lights to guide the lost people in Al Jouf province where most of these incidents take place.

Source: Gulf News

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