Two expats arrested for hunting banned fish

Two expats have been arrested for selling endangered sharks in Jubail. Both of them are Bangladeshi citizens who were found with 47 endangered blacktip reef sharks.

They have been arrested as they violated environmental law. This law helps in regulating and maintaining a sustainable marine and coastal environment. 

It has been disclosed by the  Special Forces that Saudi Arabia imposes heavy fines and penalties for hunting a blacktip shark. The fine for hunting one blacktip shark is  SR 40,000.

The blacktip reef shark is one of the rare species left, hunting them and selling them will put stake to their existence. The Blacktip Shark is one of its kind with oval eyes and a round yet short snout.

The  Saudi Special Forces for Environmental Security (SFES), in cooperation with the officials of the National Center for Wildlife, arrested these two expats.

According to the SFES, the two have been referred to the Public Prosecution for legal trial. Also, measures are being taken to hand over the species that are in its jurisdiction to the National Center for Wildlife Development.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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