5 foreigners died in a traffic accident after Umrah

A Jordanian family of 6 people that used to live in the UAE came to perform Umrah in their car.

After performing Umrah, when they were heading back to the UAE, they met a fatal accident taking the lives of 5 of them.

5 people died

Malik Akram Khurma who was driving the vehicle on the Makkah-Riyadh road after performing Umrah met a horrific accident which proved to be fatal for him and his 4 children Akram, Maya, Dana, and Dima who passed away at the spot.

Wife survived

However, his wife was transported to the hospital in a severely injured condition. She is under treatment at the King Fahd Hospital in the Hofuf region.

Saudi Authorities said that they are in the process of transferring the dead bodies to Jordan. Statements show that the  Jordanian embassy is actively participating in the transfer of the bodies.

Source: Al Arabiya

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