A Saudi boy’s letter to his dead mother

A Saudi boy wrote a letter to his dead mother, which went viral on social media and yet created another topic for debate.

In the letter, the son is begging his mother to come back home. It was such an emotional letter that filled every eye with tears. The words of the letter which is translated from Arabic are;

“Dear Mom, I’m writing this letter so that when I die like you I can take it with me and show you that I have never forgotten you.

I now always pray to God to grant you eternal rest in Jannah. I have changed and I eat regularly and do what Sarah tells me to do.

I no longer dirty the house. You used to tell me that I dirtied the house and that caused you extra fatigue.”

The boy continued his letter writing, “Dear Mama, I am sorry please, may God bless you, come back to live with us.

I pledge before God that I will follow every single instruction you give me. I will be alongside you, cleaning everything. I will let you sleep and will not wake you up.”

Source: Gulf News

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