How to ensure the long life of a used car?

Used cars are getting in trend as it is light on the banks, and with some smart inspection beforehand one can actually get a very good deal within the budget. While the inspection process seems quite a pain to deal with but it actually helps you get a reliable and secure car with all the details about the past of the used cars in UAE.

There are some simple thumb rules to keep in mind before buying used cars in Dubai. Firstly, let your brain make the decision and not the heart, as looks can be deceiving at times. Secondly, do make sure that the decision of buying the car is not being forced upon you by the seller. Keeping the above pointers in mind, let us deal with the specifics:

Checking the Engine

There are a number of aspects that keeps the engine of the car run smoothly for a long time, such as oil/fluid levels, leaks, head gasket, the smoke texture from the exhaust, and the engine noise are to be checked thoroughly when you plan to buy a used car. The engine is the soul of the car and takes a lot of heavy beating under different conditions such as damaged roads, extreme weather, heavy traffic, etc. Henceforth, regular maintenance of the engine is absolutely unavoidable.

Oil/fluid levels

From engine oil to the coolant, all the liquids should be there up to their optimum level as it is a must for the smooth functioning of a car. When it comes to oil, the dipstick helps you check the reading of correct levels, and a few drops in hand will reveal the color and consistency of the oil.


In order to check for any leaks, just have a look under the hood of the car. If you find the stains of any liquid or sludge with dirt, it can reveal any recent leaks. It is important that you deal with these as soon as they are detected.

Exhaust smoke

The smoke coming from the exhaust of the car describes a clear story about the functioning on the engine. While a little puff at the start can be casual, a dense black smoke for a longer period means that the fuel consumption is too much in the engine. Similarly, a cloud of blue smoke indicates that the engine is burning too much oil.

Gears and Clutch Functioning

Gears and the clutch basically are the key to engine navigation. These parts of the car that help you take control of your car. While it takes one experienced person to know the feedback of healthy gearbox and clutch functioning, the basic cues suggest that the gearbox should be crisp and precise on the shift without any unwanted playing with the gear lever. Also, the gears should not get stuck which changing, meaning the shifting should be a clean and smooth process. If the movement of the clutch is too tight, it would result in leg pain.

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