13 famous Arabic quotes with meanings

Proverbs evoke numerous emotions, provoke deep and meaningful thoughts and also instill wisdom in even the dumbest of minds. Here are the 13 most famous Arabic quotes with their meanings which we should learn.

Quote 1: Bite from a lion

  • Arabic Quote: عضة أسد ولا نظرة حسد
  • Meaning: A bite from a lion is much better than a look of envy.

Arabic Quote: A bite from a lion is much better than a look of envy.

Quote 2: Purest People

  • Arabic Quote: أطهر الناس أعراقاً أحسنهم أخلاقاً.
  • Meaning: The purest people are those who have good manners.

Quote 3: Friend’s advice.

    • Arabic Quote: .لصديق ينصح لمصلحته وليس مصلحتك
    • Meaning: A friend will advise you in his interest, not yours.

Quote 4: Be a brother to your son.

  • Arabic Quote: .إن كبر ابنك آخيه
  • Meaning: When your son will grow up, become his brother.

When your son will grow up, become his brother.

Quote 5: Wishing poor people

  • Arabic Quote: لا يغنى الرجل الفقير بالتمني
  • Meaning: Only wishing does not make any poor man rich.

Quote 6: Unity is Power

  • Arabic Quote: الاتحاد قوة
  • Meaning: Unity is power.

Unity is Power

Quote 7: Value of a Man

  • Arabic Quote: أذل البخل أعناق الرجال
  • Meaning: Stinginess is demeaning to the value of a man.

Quote 8: Seek Knowledge.

  • Arabic Quote: اطلبوا العلم من المهد إلى اللحد
  • Meaning: Start seeking knowledge from the cradle up to the grave.

Quote 9: Wealth comes like a Turtle

  • Arabic Quote: الثروة تأتي كالسلحفاة وتذهب كالغزال
  • Meaning: Wealth comes as slow as a turtle and then goes away as fast as a gazelle.

Quote 10: Time is Gold

  • Arabic Quote: الوقت من ذهب
  • Meaning: Time is made up of gold.

Quote 11: Weapon first

  • Arabic Quote: السلاح ثم الكفاح
  • Meaning: The weapon first, fighting second.

Quote 12: Neighbor

  • Arabic Quote: الجار قبل الدار
  • Meaning: The neighbor comes before the home.

Quote 13: Rope of lies

  • Arabic Quote: حبل الكذب قصير
  • Meaning: The rope of lies is very short.

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