9 famous camel names according to their Age

It is an Arab tradition that if they love something, they call it with different names. Saudis love camels and call them 9 different names according to their age.

Camel expert Farij bin Fahad Al-Dosari said that camels are categorized into three main categories according to their ages: ‘Digg,’ ‘Jill,’ and ‘Fahal.’


The name Digg is given to camels ages three to five. This category is further classified into three main types: Mofrada, the Haqqa, and the Jatha’a.


Mofrada name is called for a camel that is more than six months old.


Haqqa is called for the camel that is three years old.


A four-year-old camel is called with the name Jatha’a.


Jill is the camel that is five years old.


A camel that is six years old is called Ruba’a.


Sudus is the name used for the camels that are 7 years old.


The camels that had their first canine tooth are called Shaq.


The male camels used for reproduction with the female camels are called Fahal.

The three Categories ‘Digg,’ ‘Jill,’ and ‘Fahal’ are presented at the King Abdul-Aziz Camel Beauty Festival, and the festival standard is focused on what is considered more competitive. 

Farij bin Fahad said, “The King Abdul Aziz Camel Beauty Festival showed skills of taming and adopting the camel, and this makes the competition more challenging between owners, who go above the limits to win the King Abdul Aziz Camel Beauty Contest Award.

Source: Arab News

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