How to learn Saudi Arabic language?

If you want to learn the Arabic language with the Saudi dialect, you have landed at the right place. Here is the step-by-step approach to doing it;

Learn Alphabets

In the beginning, many people find Arabic characters and texts very difficult. The real problem is that they give more importance to the transcription of the Arabic words rather than trying to learn the alphabet.

This makes the learning process very difficult. Therefore, the best way to learn the Arabic language is to recognize the Alphabet and start pronouncing them in the Saudi accent.

learn arabic alphabets

Use Arabic Dictionary

In the Arabic dictionary; words are generally organized by and based on three-letter roots.

For example, if you are looking for the word “kaatib” in the dictionary, it should be checked under “k” as its root letters are k-t-b. The order of the root is important. Obviously, to become an expert in this trick you need some practice. 

Arabic dictionary

Learn with Photos

Learning words with the help of photos is an easy way to study and learn new vocabulary.  It is important that you should not make your learning procedure boring. Instead, you can change this process into an enjoyable experience.

Understand the Language Types

Arabic is the official primary language of about 26 MENA (Middle-East and North African) countries. In Saudi Arabia, the Arabic language is spoken with a different accent and dialect so you need to figure it out first.

Classical Quranic Arabic

If you are out of Saudi Arabia and cannot interact with someone who speaks the Arabic language in the local accent, you should start leaning classical Quranic Arabic.

It is the language used for governmental documentation or writings, in political dialogues, literary works, and used for broadcast television and radio. 

Plan and Schedule

Make a proper plan and set a schedule for learning. If you think that, you can study anytime or only during your free hours, it will not give you the desired result.

Choose an adviser who can encourage you throughout the learning process. He should also be familiar with the language to give you precise advice.

Practice with other Saudis

The best way to learn any language including Arabic is to speak it with the natives, so you should try to speak it with Saudis. If you don’t find one, you can join Arabic language classes too.

How to learn Saudi Arabic language?

Join Arabic-Speaking Groups

Different internet sites have Arabic-speaking groups. Joining these groups will help you to practice with other Arabic learners. Make sure you are good at making Arabic and English tenses.

These groups are a great platform to clear your doubts with other people. Try to read Quran with word-by-word translation. You can also read newspapers with the motive of understanding them.

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