List of 11 Ladies Gyms in Riyadh

A large population of Saudi Arabia is dealing with the problem of obesity. Although there are so many sports clubs and gyms in Saudi Arabia, most of them are exclusive to men. In this article, we have given a list of ladies gyms in Riyadh.

Men and women are not allowed to exercise under the same roof. There needs to be a separate sports club or gym for women and therefore, we have given this list of gyms for women. If you are living in Jeddah, you must be interested in the list of top 5 Gyms and Sports Clubs in Jeddah

Ladies Spa & Entertainment Section: Located within the Panorama Mall, Riyadh

Al-Khozama Hotel Sports Centre: Tel: 4654650, Facilities: gym, tennis, swimming, sauna, steam room, squash, and bowling.

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Hyatt Regency Hotel Sports Club: Tel: 4791234, Facilities: sauna, steam room, swimming, table tennis, exercise room.

Inter-Continental Hotel Recreation and Sports Club: Tel:4655000, Facilities: gym, steam room, Jacuzzi, tennis, squash, indoor and outdoor swimming.

Marriot Hotel Sports Club: Tel: 4779300, Facilities: sauna, steam room, swimming, table- tennis, exercise room.

Minhal Holiday Inn: Tel: 4782500, Facilities: gym, sauna, squash, swimming, message

Sheraton Hotel Sports Club: Tel: 4543300, Facilities: swimming, tennis, billiards, bowling, basketball, exercise room, sauna, steam room.

Diplomatic Quarter Sports Club: Tel: 4881010, Separate days are allocated to men and women. They are well known for their beautiful swimming pools. Facilities: tennis, squash, football, karate, snooker, table tennis, sauna, steam room, gym, artificial wave pool (open in summer only, popular amongst children only)

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FAL Sports Complex: Tel: 4543901, This complex offers its facilities for men and boys only. Facilities: ice-skating, bowling, billiards, snooker, table tennis, bar football, darts.

Football: Only men can go to the Riyadh stadium to watch matches or practice sessions. Women are strictly banned from entering the football stadium.

Golf: Inter-Continental Golf Cours, Tel: 4655000 – Ext: 6146

Arizona Compound: Tel: 2483657 – Ext:454

Dirab Golf and Recreation Center: Tel: 4980018

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