Meet Saud: a Saudi who hasn’t slept for 40 years

We often see people who haven’t slept properly for days due to stress, anxiety, or other socioeconomic reasons. However, here is a Saudi man who has not been able to sleep for the last 40 years of his life!

Saud bin Mohammad Al Ghamdi says that he is not mentally ill, nor does he suffer any mental illness. He is 70 years old and has not been able to sleep “normally” for the last 40 years.

He has gone to multiple doctors who had described his condition as “Clinical depression”. He has done what was prescribed to him, he has taken several medicines but nothing seemed to work. His stress and anxiety did not reduce.

Now, he has consulted with a few Sheikhs. It has helped him continue his work but his sleep issues are still there. He can lead a normal life, and do his daily tasks but he has not been able to combat sleep issues.

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