How to apply for Bahrain e-visa online?

GCC residents, Saudi Iqama holders, and people who enter Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa can apply for a Bahrain e-visa online.

Who should apply for an online visa?

The following people should apply for a Bahrain online visa;

  • GCC residents with unsuitable Iqama profession to get an on-arrival visa.
  • Family Visit Visa holders of GCC residents.


The following are the requirements to apply for a Bahrain e-visa online;

Iqama Holders

  1. A passport with at least 6 months validity.
  2. Copy of the passport page with GCC entry stamp.
  3. Copy of Iqama.
  4. 3 months Bank Statement with at least SR 3,000 closing balance.
  5. Hotel Booking.
  6. A letter stating that you are a GCC visitor coming with your sponsor via King Fahad Causeway, hence there is no Air Ticket.
  7. Debit/Credit Card to pay the fee.

Add: Family Visit Visa

  1. Multiple Family Visit Visa stamped on passport.
  2. Signed copy of the family visit visa.
  3. Sponsor’s Iqama.

Apply for Bahrain Visa online

Step 1: Residental Status

In order to apply for a Bahrain visa online;

apply for Bahrain e-visa online

Step 2: Type of Visa

Now you need to select the type of visa you want to apply for;

  • Family Visit Visa holder = Vist Single Entry.
  • Iqama or GCC residence permit = Visit – Single ENtry (GCC).

apply for Bahrain e-visa online

Step 3: Visa Form

On the next page to apply for a Bahrain e-visa online, fill out the visa form as per your passport.

Step 4: Attach Documents

Now on this page, you need to attach the following documents;

  • Passport copy.
  • Return Air Ticket: Visit Visa Copy if traveling by road.
  • Bank Statement with a minimum balance of SR 3,000. You can attach the bank statement of your Iqama holder sponsor.
  • Signed Letter: Visit Visa copy signed by the applicant.
  • Hotel Booking.
  • Other: Attach sponsor’s Iqama.
  • Other: Attach Schengen, UK, US Visa on your passport (if any).

apply for Bahrain e-visa online

Step 5: Submit another Application

If you are a group of family members traveling together, it is better to apply for visas together. In order to do so;

  • Click on “Submit another Application“.
  • Follow the entire process from Step 3 as explained above.

Step 6: Pay the fee

At the final stage of applying for a Bahrain e-visa for GCC residents, you will have to pay the fee;

  • BD 4 upon submission of documents.
  • BD 8 upon approval of the visa. 
  • Total Fee: BD 12 or SR 120.

Keep in mind that the payment of an application fee does not guarantee approval of a visa. Holding a visa does not guarantee your entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

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