How to get Bahrain on Arrival Visa by road/air?

Saudi Iqama holders and their dependents are entitled to get Bahrain on arrival visa by road through King Fahd Causeway as well as at Bahrain International Airport.

Who can get the visa?

A Saudi Iqama holder who meets all the below-mentioned requirements can get a Bahrain on arrival visa for the following;

  • Himself.
  • All accompanying dependents.
  • All accompanying legal domestic workers.

In case of an accompanying family visit visa holder, you need to get a Bahrain e-visa.

In order to get an arrival visa, a dependent needs to go to the border along with the sponsor Iqama holder.

Bahrain Causeway Visa Requirements

Iqama holders

  1. Passport with the validity of 6 months. 
  2. Original Iqama with 3 months validity for Saudi residents.
  3. The Iqama is issued at least 3 months ago.
  4. Valid Istimara of the car. (If renting a car, a NOC to cross the border from the company).
  5. A suitable Iqama profession.
  6. Exit Reentry Visa valid for your stay in Bahrain.
  7. A return ticket (in case traveling by Air).

If you are doubtful that your Saudi Iqama profession is not eligible to get a Bahrain on-arrival visa, you can apply for it online for yourself as well as your dependent and family visit visa holders. 

Family Visit Visa Holders

  1. Passport with the validity of 6 months. 
  2. Valid Multiple Entry Family Visit Visa.
  3. Paper print of Bahrain e-visa.

Bahrain on Arrival Visa by Road

Entering Bahrain

  • First of all, you will pass through Saudi customs.
  • Then, the immigration officer will process your exit from KSA.
  • Pay Vehicle Toll Tax: BD 2.5 or SR 25.
  • Insurance cost: BD 2.3 or SR 23.
  • Get your passport stamped with the Bahrain visa.

Bahrain on-arrival visa feeBahrain Visa Validity

Bahrain on-arrival visa taken by road is a multiple-entry visa with 180 days validity. 

  • Max stay in one trip: 30 days.
  • The visa is not extendable.
  • Bahrain Visa Fee: Free.

Bahrain Visa Validity for Saudi Iqama Holders

Coming back to Saudi Arabia

On the way back to Saudi Arabia from Bahrain, you will get;

  1. Exit stamp on the passport by Bahrain Immigration.
  2. Entry stamps on passports by Saudi immigration.
  3. Pay Vehicle Toll Tax: BD 2.6 or SR 26.
  4. Saudi Customs will check your car thoroughly.
  5. List of Prohibited items to bring to Saudi Arabia.

Upon entry into Saudi Arabia, the multiple-entry family visit visa holder would be able to stay in Saudi Arabia for a further 90 days.

travelling to bahrain from saudi by car

Best time to cross King Fahd Causeway

If the causeway is not crowded, it takes merely 30 minutes to cross it. The best time to cross Bahrain’s causeway varies between working days and holidays.

  • Weekdays: between 2 am and 7 am.
  • Weekends: between 4 am and 6 am.

Best time to cross King Fahd Causeway

Bahrain on Arrival Visa by Air

In order to get a Bahrain on-arrival visa while traveling by air; do the following after arriving at the airport;

  • Head towards the bank counter to pay the visit visa fee of BD 25 or SR 250 per head.
  • Fill out a separate on-arrival visit visa application form available at the bank counter.
  • Go to the eye-scanning counter.
  • Go to the immigration counter where you will have to produce all the required documents. 

Bahrain on Arrival Visa by Air

If you want to save money on a visa, you can apply for a single entry visa online and pay only BD 9 or SR 90 per passport.

If everything goes fine, you will be awarded an arrival visit visa in Manama, Bahrain. Enjoy your Trip!

Bahrain Visa Validity

The validity of the Bahrain on-arrival visa taken at the airport is;

  • It is a multiple-entry visa issued for 3 months.
  • The maximum stay in one visit is 30 days.
  • This visa may be extended once you are in the Kingdom of Bahrain on payment of a fee.

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