7 types of people categorized best among Muslims by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Allah has blessed us to be a Muslim. Being a Muslim is surely a blessing, yet achievement is to become the best Muslim. We need to make an effort and become the best among the Muslims.

However, the questions are: what qualities will make us the best? Is there a defined criterion for best Muslim? Yes, there are certain qualities that we need to practice to make ourselves among the best Muslims.

There is a well-defined criterion for best Muslims. This criterion has been narrated by the Holy Prophet PBUH. We have collected some Hadith which define the best Muslim:

1-One who pays off the debt in best way: Once Holy Prophet PBUH declared that a Muslim who pays off his debt in the best way is the best among Muslims.

This means that if we take a loan from someone, we shall pay off as per schedule and we shall be thankful to the person who helped us in time of need. One shall be vigilant to clear off all their debts.

Debt shall not be considered in monetary terms only. Kind gesture or a helpful act in time of need is also a loan due upon us which we shall repay in the best way. – Sunan Ibn e Majah: 2423

2-One who is best towards their wives: Abu Hurairah reports that Prophet PBUH said that the one who has the best character has a complete faith. And the one who is best towards their women are the best among you.

This Hadith throws light upon the rights of women especially wives. A man who treats his wife in the kindest manner is one of the best Muslims – Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1162

3-The One who learns Quran and spreads it: The best among the Muslims is the one who learns Quran and teaches it.

This is one of the tasks that every Muslim shall opt for. We are not only to learn the Quran, get enlightened with its message but also we ought to spread its words.

We shall make other Muslims aware of message of Allah, we shall guide them to the correct path that is stipulated in the Quran. – Sunan Abi Dawud 1452

4-The one with best behavior: The best among the Muslims is the one who is best in manner and best in conduct.

Behavior of a Muslim shall be according to teachings of Islam. People shall be inspired by him. His behavior and conduct should make people come towards Islam. Also we are not to hurt anyone or cause trouble to others. Our behavior and conduct shall be such that no one is worried of it. – Bukhari and Muslim.

5-One whose goodness is sought: Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet PBUH declared that Muslim the best whose goodness is hoped for and from whose evil others are safe.

This Hadith also throws light on our behavior. We shall not trouble anyone so that people shall always remain protected from us. They shall not feel unprotected because of us in any manner. They shall think and hope well for us. –  Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2263

6-One with best character: The one with the best character shall be seated next to the Holy Prophet PBUH on the day of Judgment.

We need to focus on the words here, our character matters a lot. We shall have a pure character to become the best among the Muslims. – (Al-Adab Al-Mufrad: Book of Dealings with people and good character: Hadith 260)

7-One who strives in way of Allah: Among the Muslims, the best is one who strives in way of Allah either on his own feet or on a back of an animal until he dies. We shall always make an effort to strive in way of Allah.  -Sunan an-Nasa’i 3106

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