2 Surahs for Rizq, Wealth, and Job problems

There are 2 Surahs in the Holy Quran that are recommended by different Sheikhs to those who have problems related to Rizq, wealth, and jobs.

Surah Fajr

Reciting Surah Fajr is recommended by spiritual healers to address the issues related to the scarcity of Rizq, wealth, and job-related problems. In fact, if you read its meaning, it is a perfect recipe to get out of financial trouble.

Surah Fajr for Rizq, Wealth, and Job problems

How to Recite?

It should be recited after Fajr Prayer with the intention to seek benefit from Allah.

  • The reader should focus on its meaning to understand what Allah is trying to say in this chapter.
  • Say dua asking for Allah’ Rehma because Allah accepts the dua after every good deed and Qur’an recitation.

Why Surah Fajr for Rizq and Wealth?

Surah Fajr is highly effective for wealth and provisions rizq due to its focus on key issues that often hinder individuals from enjoying the blessings of abundance. Allah addresses these issues in the Surah;


And as for man, when his Lord tries him and [thus] is generous to him and favors him, he says, “My Lord has honored me.” – Fajr 89:15

Gratitude increases blessings while neglecting to thank Allah can lead to their decrease.

Entitled Attitude

But when He tests them by limiting their provision, they protest, “My Lord has ˹undeservedly˺ humiliated me!” – Fajr 89:16

Verse 16 exposes the flawed mindset of feeling entitled to blessings. When individuals experience a decrease in wealth due to their own ingratitude and mistakes, they complain instead of accepting their situation gracefully. Recognizing that everything is a gift from Allah is crucial.

Neglecting the Orphan

Absolutely not! In fact, you are not ˹even˺ gracious to the orphan.Fajr 89:17

Verse 17 emphasizes the importance of honoring and supporting orphans. This includes providing moral, emotional, and financial assistance.

Neglecting the Poor

nor do you urge one another to feed the poor. – Fajr 89:18

Verse 18 emphasizes the significance of feeding and supporting the needy. Initiating a charity campaign and seeking Allah’s help in this endeavor is vital.

Money as a Deity

Verse 20 warns against making money the center of one’s life. Treating wealth as a deity leads to its control over individuals. Instead, one should appreciate Allah’s blessings and avoid prioritizing wealth over spiritual values.

By addressing these issues and implementing the teachings of Surah Fajr, individuals can cultivate gratitude, support the needy, and avoid the pitfalls that hinder the blessings of wealth and rizq in their lives.

Surah Waqiah

Many Islamic scholars recommend those who want to increase rizq wealth, alleviate financial difficulties, and protect against poverty and debt recite Surah Waqia.

Surah Waqia for Rizq, Wealth, and Job problems

How to Recite?

Muslims believe that reciting surah Waqiah after the Maghrib prayer can financially benefit them. This is why this surah is recited as a supplication to increase wealth. 

When reciting Surah Waqiah as part of our daily recitation, it is beneficial to focus on its meaning and understand its translation.

Why Surah Waqia for Rizq and Wealth?

Surah Waqiah emphasizes the importance of gratitude in several of its verses, aligning with Allah’s promise in Surah Ibrahim (Verse 7) that gratitude leads to an increase. Gratitude acts as a magnet for blessings, as it is part of Allah’s divine law that when we appreciate Him for what we have, He multiplies those blessings in our lives.

By deeply internalizing the verses in our own language through regular recitation, we begin to cultivate a mindset that attracts financial abundance and shields us from various financial challenges such as poverty, unemployment, debt, and scarcity of resources.


To conclude the two surahs emphasize the importance of gratitude in most of its verses. Hence by immersing ourselves in the teachings of these two surahs and actively practicing gratitude for our existing financial resources, regardless of their magnitude, we can witness firsthand the increase and blessings bestowed upon them.

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