Youth going for “Misyar” marriage as they cannot afford marriage expenses

Marriage is one of the most important parts of any person’s life. Marriage marks the moment when a person starts the second journey of their life with his/her life partner and start a family which will then carry on their name.

Earlier on, marriage used to be an extremely simple affair, the cost was next to nothing and everything would be done with extreme humbleness and simplicity. However, in these modern days, marriage has become a grand extravagant affair.

These days, people try to show their status or wealth by holding huge, grand wedding ceremonies consisting of expensive designer dresses for both bride and groom and also sometimes the relatives of the bride and groom.

The exquisite nature of these events are not limited to the dresses and food only, setup (decoration, venue and all other arrangements) are done in such a grand fashion that the simpler, older way of marriage seems to be all but forgotten in our minds.

Naturally, with such high costs, there are a lot of people who are opting for simpler ways to get married. The experts are claiming that many Saudis are now looking towards the Misyar Marriage in order to cut down the costs of not only the marriage but also the huge expenses that are incurred while living together.

These Misyar marriages are contracts carried out in accordance with the customs and teachings of Islam, however, there are certain stipulations that come along with this type of marriage.

In Misyar marriages married couples do not live together, the husband has no right to housekeeping and the wife does not have the right to living expenses or housing.

Naseer Al Thubaiti, a family consultant has stated that most of the young men don’t have the resources necessary to get married; whereas the majority of young women have set a ridiculously high expectation of the marriage ceremony and proceedings.

He added that polygamy rates are going down whereas divorce rates are skyrocketing. Hence there are more marriage officials who are now signing the Misyar marriage contracts.

A marriage official, Sultan Al Saleem has stated that dissolving engagements have become a trend now. There are several reasons why engagements fail. Several couples who have not discussed terms of marriage are shocked when they see them in the contract.

Al Saleem added that the men usually find themselves not being able to pay marriage support or dowry and hence break off the engagement. In some cases, parents force the marriage upon their daughter which creates unhappiness and tension in the relationship which causes things to fall apart fast.

He also added that the couples get married in accordance with whatever knowledge they have about each other however after a while they get to know more and usually end up shocked by that.

Men also tend to become impatient or temperamental after the engagement and break off the marriage on petty issues such as being unable to complete the official paperwork. It should be noted that the most hated of permissible things to Allah is divorce.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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