You are too fat to marry my Daughter – Saudi Father

A Saudi man who is the father of a bride has reportedly refused to give his permission to his daughter so that she can marry a man who is, per him, obese.

The father of the bride has stated that before the man can lose at least 55 kilos off his weight, the proposal for marriage cannot be accepted by the family of the bride.

The hopeful groom in question here has stated that his current weight is around 145 kilos when he proposed to his neighbor for her hand in marriage.

He added, however, that the father of the bride has raised a stipulation which states that he must bring his weight down to 90 kilos for the marriage proposal to be considered and move forward.

The prospective groom also stated that for the past 3 years he has been working tooth and nail to lose some of his body weight.

He stated that he has been following a low-calorie diet and has also been exercising relentlessly however he has only could lose around 25 kilos of weight so far.

He also said that he went to the father of the bride with the weight loss of 25 kilos however the father stated that he had required that he must weigh 90 kilos and not 120 kilos and that another 20 kilos were needed to be cut off.

The father of the bride even went as far as saying that the day that the prospective groom reached a weight of 90 kilos, that same day his date for marriage with his daughter would be decided.

Source: Gulf News

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