Yes, Saudi Arabia is for Saudis

Saud Arabia is an open economy; it tends to trade goods and services with the rest of the world. Since long, foreigners have been coming to Saudi Arabia, providing their services and settling with their families.

It has become a tradition and now many foreigners are appointed at professional jobs such as doctors, teachers, managers, engineers, technicians etc. some of these expatriates are living in the Kingdom for fifty years. These expats, however, are now facing social sensitivity.

Especially after the twitter campaign that was raised by Saudis. The unemployed Saudis started a social campaign using the forum of Twitter to express their fury for not being able to get a job. The hashtag used was “Saudi Arabia is for Saudis

These unemployed fellows only wanted to express their sentiments; they were angry at the state officials for not being able to provide them with a job. They demanded the nationalization of the jobs so that the unemployment among the Saudi citizens can be eradicated. 

Every citizen has a right to work and the state must provide them with a job opportunity.  With the passage of time, the number of Saudi unemployed graduates is increasing. 

According to Forbes report, unemployment in the third quarter of 2016 was 12.1%. This has caused unrest among Saudi youngsters. Saudi citizens are worthy of getting jobs in their own country.

When they see that foreigners are employed, at great posts, and they themselves are unemployed, it hurts them. ‘They are of the view that they have a greater right to get employed in their own state.

If they are capable of a job, they must have one. There is nothing wrong with what has been demanded, it’s their right to raise their voices. The Nationals also are supporting them as they can understand their feelings.

However, expats feel that the campaign is against them. They are calling Saudis racist. They fear that they would get unemployed and might have to leave Saudi Arabia.

Well, I respect emotions of expats and the Saudis both. As far as Saudis are concerned, they need employment and there is no bad in demanding it. When they see themselves unemployed and foreigners employed, they become aggressive.

Saudi citizens should be preferred for jobs in their own country. On the other hand, the point of expats is also justified. They had been servicing the nation with loyalty for years.

They were invited to Saudi Arabia to provide their expertise when we needed it. At that moment locals were not capable of doing so. And yet, there is nothing bad in hiring foreigners for jobs: it’s a world tradition.

Saudi Arabia is not the only state where foreigners are equipped with good jobs. The state needs to take some rational steps.  A survey states that labor force participation in 2016 has increased to a record level of 42%, but on the same hand unemployment in the nation is increasing.

This is because jobs are being provided to expats than locals. Why hire foreigners when we have locals capable of jobs? We need to think about our current policies.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.