How to report wrong parking in Saudi Arabia?

We face the issue of wrong parking every day in Saudi Arabia because the fine for illegal parking is too minimal and there is no process to report it.

Wrong parking fine in Saudi Arabia

There are 3 categories of wrong parking fines in Saudi Arabia;

  • SR 500 fine for parking at the place designated for special needs drivers.
  • SR 300 fine for parking on public roads without safety precautions. 
  • SR 100 fine for parking at the places where parking is not allowed (explained below).
  • List of new traffic fines in Saudi Arabia

Wrong parking fine in Saudi Arabia

In 95% of cases, people get a fine of only SR 100 for illegal parking in Saudi Arabia which is the main reason for the high rate of violations.

In 2016, when the traffic police increased the fine for crossing a red signal in Saudi Arabia from SR 500 to SR 3,000, the traffic violations reduced significantly.

How to report wrong parking?

If someone blocks your car by parking illegally, you can report the wrong parking to the traffic police. Make a video of the vehicle with the wrong parking in a way that;

You can check that they take immediate action if a traffic violation is reported to them with evidence.

Places where parking is not allowed

Saudi Traffic (Muroor) police have listed down 9 places where parking is not allowed in Saudi Arabia.

  1. On the bridges.
  2. In the middle of a road.
  3. At a footpath or the pedestrian pathways.
  4. At a distance of 15 meters or less from the traffic signal.
  5. On the sidewalks, footpaths, or areas designated for pedestrians
  6. At places that have already been designated for other vehicles.
  7. In the opposite direction.
  8. From a distance of 15 meters or less from a turn
  9. At a distance of 1 and a half meters or less from a school corridor.

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