Wrong Parking in Saudi Arabia? Mafi Mushkila

Saudi Arabia is famous for its worst traffic as we discussed this fact in one of our previous articles. One of the reasons for the pathetic traffic is the wrong parking on streets and the failure of the traffic police to take care of it. No doubt it causes inconvenience and one of the reasons for severe road accidents. Nowadays the awareness through media is increasing. College and institutions are now taking part in this campaign as well. According to a report in the newspaper, it is said that there is a strict call for those who park wrongly.[irp]

One of the Saudi citizens named, Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin brought in light the fact that most of the people out there don’t follow the traffic rules and regulations and there is an immense increase in several vehicles on the road that results in a lack of parking space. Because of this people park their vehicles wherever they feel like, in front of government offices or no parking zones. They are used to it. Also, if one person does this thing, the others follow it resulting in everyone disobeying the law which ultimately is havoc for the residents.

Abdul Aziz also explained another issue that the traffic police see all this in front of their eyes but they just simply speak up on their loudspeakers asking those violators to move on. That’s it! These violators are so immune to them that don’t affect them at all because they don’t even care if they are fined. One of my friends was fined for the wrong parking one day SR 100. He parked wrongly again the very next day. It seems SR 100 fine for wrong parking is not enough for many violators.

He told the reason that it’s just because of lack of parking space in this immense traffic city. So, there should be proper campaigns and parking spaces and roads built with parking spaces and laws made to impose fine on the individuals breaking the rules. According to Al-Otaibi, strict laws and measures should be made against those who do wrong parking, especially during Friday prayers. He added that there should be paid parking hours so that people follow it and it resolves the parking and traffic issues to some extent. Col. Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Dabihi who is a section manager in Saudi Arabia traffic police said that the vehicles are towed if found parked on inappropriate space. This reform is for smooth traffic and parking resolution.[irp]

Director of the Transport Department at Saudi Arabia Development Authority named Abdul Rahman Al-Shaalan, explained the need for major parking spaces in the city and introduction of paid parking in future and penalty introduced for violators. He added this system worked in Al Khobar and Dammam but failed in Saudi Arabia. He also said that parking issues and space should be resolved prior to open a business or company in that area because usually it is seen that there are no parking outside big firms that is why wrong parking is done by the customers ending up in a hassle.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.