6 months Jail, 50 lashes for working as ‘short term marriage’ mediator (Pimp)

According to the local newspaper, a famous marriage broker was sentenced to six months prison along with 50 lashes as she was found guilty of immoral and indecent activities. She was a non-native woman running her unlawful business in Saudi Arabia.

The court ordered the deportation of the lady after she has served to her sentence. According to Al-Madinah daily, this woman had taken the role of a pimp in a disguise of a Marriage matchmaker.

She planned unlimited meet-ups between men and women searching for life partners. She was involved in arranging unlawful meetings in the name of lawful marriages.

Moreover, other three women were ordered 4 months prison and 50 lashes as they were arrested from the house of the fallacious matchmaker women.

They were jailed because they confirmed to meet unknown men without seeking permission from their guardians. One woman out of the three was found inhaling Hashish.

According to Saudi law, “Women can only agree to legal marriages contracts under the supervision of their guardians and parents. They are not allowed to meet men even if they want to discuss their marriage and future relationship”.

The law clearly states that “Unmarried couples are not allowed to live together, travel together or even meet socially without the appropriate chaperones from their families.”

According to the police, “Several cases of marriage matchmakers have been reported in past too. Arresting this non-native marriage broker will help the police to trace networking hidden under the domain of misyar marriages.”

The term “misyar” defines a marriage in which certain rights are given away by both the partners. Many young people are in favor of this type of marriage as it provides a wider room for less argument if the person has limited resources.

The unofficial system of marriage, Misyar is gaining prominence in the Arab countries. In brief, the women give up their rights to the husband. The most substantial point that distinguishes Misyar marriage from the usual marriages is the women’s role.

The wife waives her rights over her husband to live with her. She permits the husband to visit her anytime when he needs her. Many scholars support the concept of Misyar marriages as it helps to curb various social issues taking birth from spinsterhood.

On the other hand, some Islamic scholars reject the idea of Misyar marriages condemning them as unlawful and against Islam.

Another police officer who has disguised himself as a man looking for women told that these marriage brokers would agree to find another wife for a man even if he is already married.

He claimed that he wanted to marry two women at the same time. Above all the marriage broker promised that she will arrange two women for him at the same time.

After detailed discussion, the broker gave the number of another marriage mediator who asked the disguised policeman to visit her house to meet the women. All this was set up by the police to trace and arrest the alleged marriage brokers.

Source: Al Arabiya

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