Women can’t drive because they have a quarter of a brain – Saudi Scholar

Now women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. The culture of Saudi Arabia is conservative and thereby did not allow women to hold a driving license. Saudi authorities had always claimed that the Saudi society was not ready for the women to drive. I hope the Saudi society is ready to accept women as drivers.[irp]

Sheikh Saad Al Hajari who is a senior cleric has stated that the women cannot drive as they have only a quarter of a brain. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Sheikh Saad Al Hajari made this statement while he was appointed as a head of religious fatwas in Saudi Arabia’s Assir governorate. Shocking though!

How can a religious figure make such statements? Had it come from an illiterate, non-official person, it would have been bearable, but coming from a religious scholar makes it disgusting. Furthermore, these statements were made while he was delivering a sermon.

He went on saying that when it comes to measuring brain power, women can’t match men. They are created with weak brain power as compared to men. (Ahh…really? Who taught you this? Neither Allah has said that He created women with less brain capacity nor science has revealed it!

Then he told Saudi Road and traffic safety authorities do not allow women to drive because they only possess half of a brain. He even exclaimed that if men had half brain, authorities would never have issued them a driving license.

This wasn’t enough. He further insulted women saying that when women go out for shopping they are left only with a quarter of a brain. He believes that when women go for shopping they lose half of their half brain: which means that when women go out for purchases, they are left with a quarter of a brain!

So he concluded that women are not capable of driving as they possess only a quarter of a brain. In which kind of world does this man live? Women around the world and even Saudi women have proved themselves intelligent, capable and successful in almost every field. If they had a quarter of a brain, they wouldn’t hold such achievements!

All of his statements were filmed and a video clip was shared on social media. People on social media were amazed to listen to such comments from a religious cleric. How can a religious figure insult woman so openly? Some were so disgusted that they couldn’t even listen to all of it. The people asked the authorities to take an action against him.

Thereby, the Asir Gov. Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz has banned the senior cleric, Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri. According to the official reports, Sheikh is not allowed to conduct any religious activity such as leading prayers and preaching religions.

Source: Arab News

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