Woman arrested for posting immoral pictures and videos in Jeddah

It was reported from Jeddah that a woman who was responsible for posting illegal videos and pictures was arrested by the Saudi Authorities in the Red Sea city Jeddah. The woman posted many videos and pictures of liquor and pormography material on her social media account.

This is shocking to hear that despite living in an Islamic country where such activities are totally intolerable, she continued with her work, and more shocking to hear is that the woman was not living in isolation.

She lived with her family and they were totally unaware of her immoral activities. She was totally unaware of the country’s Law.

Ati Al Qarshi, the spokesperson for the Makkah Police, said, while monitoring the social media, the authorities spotted an account that contained pictures and video clips that were against the values of Islam and the Kingdom.

Saudi news site reported on Sunday the investigation was called and it revealed that the account belongs to a 20 years old young woman. The woman was arrested by the authorities. During the investigation, the woman admitted that she set up that account by the name Lamia.

 After her confession, she was sent to public prosecution for further investigation and action. It was said that the woman might face charges of immorality. She could face an imprisonment sentence up to 5 years or a fine of SR 3 million or both of them.

The woman actions were against Islam as well as against the rules of the country. It is yet not declared the woman is Saudi National or a foreigner. But whoever she is she had committed an immoral deed in an Islamic country. She will have to face the charges.

Several social media users were also outraged by her immoral insolence and reported her to the authorities and demanded to grant her quick and strict punishment.

At the end, I should say parents should keep an eye on their children activities. They should be aware of the accounts that are operated by their children. No doubt to say that internet and social media have some advantages as well as it has some disadvantages too.

It is one of the foremost duties of every parent to check and talk to their children. Every citizen must be made aware of the Islamic laws and regulation as well as Kingdom’s Law.

The accused woman claims that she was totally unaware of the laws of the country. However, in my personal opinion, it is hard to believe that. She could use the argument to seek any social favor but not a legal favor.

When you are coming to a country or living in a place, you are obliged to know about the rules and regulations of the country.

Especially, a country like Saudi Arabia which has strict Islamic rules, it is hard to believe that one is not aware of the fact that sharing inappropriate pictures is illegal.

At the end, I want to advise readers of this blog to try not to involve in any such activity while living in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Gulf News

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