Pakistani woman arrested for harassing men in Jeddah

Recently a woman was arrested for harassing men at Jeddah Corniche. Sitting on the back seat of the car the girl was identified as Manal was filmed harassing men verbally through the open window of her car seat.

In one instance she is also heard commenting on a woman passing by saying, “if her abaya was pretty I would have flirted with her.”

She is of Pakistani descent

Authorities claimed that the woman is of Pakistani descent and works in Saudi Arabia as a beautician. The woman escaped to Medina after her clip went viral. However, she was arrested by the Saudi police.

She posted an apology on Twitter

It is also said that before her arrest a video claiming a woman’s apology circulated on Twitter. The video showed a woman crying and defending herself saying her intentions were not to offend anyone with her actions. 

She will be fined heavily

According to Saudi decency law, the woman will be fined up to SR 5,000. We encourage all expats living in Saudi Arabia to respect the Saudi culture while you are a guest to the country.

Source: Okaz

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