5 Perfect Winter Destinations in Saudi Arabia

Winter break is just about right around the corner! We have gathered all the recommended domestic winter destinations you must experience during that time of the year. They don’t have to be expensive or intimidating, so long you stick to your budget and follow some of the travel tips we’ll share below. 

Abha Snowfall 

Snowfall in Abha transforms the city’s appearance and draws tourists, particularly from nearby cities. Aside from the snowfall, hilltop fortifications and well-known tourist destinations like Shadda Palace, the Al-Tahy restaurant, the Abha Great Mosque, the Abha Palace Hotel, and Lake Sadd can be found in Abha as well.   

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Jabal Al Lawz, Tabuk Mountains 

If you wish to feast your eyes on a snowy landscape, go ahead and head to Jabal Al Lawz, which is the Arabic for “Almond Mountain”. It is the tallest peak in Tabuk Province at 2,549 meters, and it is the only area in Saudi Arabia where it snows nearly every year, which makes it perfect for a winter trek. You can also visit the other nearby mountaintops, such as Jabal Al Thahir and Jabal Alkan for a spectacular view of snow blankets.

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Rawdat Al Khuraim Riyadh

Rawdat Khuraim is the perfect place to see the countryside in its most beautiful state and the desert converted into a lush landscape. The forests in Rawdat Khuraim are a showcase of natural features and hue during the day, making it a wonderful place to explore. As dusk falls, head for the park’s edge to pitch up the camp for the night. You can easily find a great location to set up your tent among the jumble of trees and plants anywhere.

Al Bujairi Heritage Park

If you are bringing your family on the trip, a family picnic adventure at Diriyah’s park is a lovely thing to do in the winter. There are numerous little eateries and cafes around the park where families may unwind and enjoy a day out. It is a well-liked winter pastime and is close to the historic ruins of Diriyah. While it may feel a little chilly and windy at night, the park truly comes alive at sundown.

Thumama Desert  

The desert is a wonderful location for some sand-based fun as the cooler months of the year approach. You can opt to go quad-biking, horseback riding, camel riding, and other activities on a desert adventure. You can also hike in the desert sands, and spend time with your loved ones or friends in the wilderness.

Travelling during the winter can be tricky, especially when you are used to the hotter temperature. Below, we present you with some tips to travel during the winter without any hassle.

Wear appropriate winter clothing 

In some cities, the temperature can get as low as 8°C . Therefore, it is a must to bring proper winter clothes, such as long-sleeve tops, sweaters, coats, socks, mittens, and earmuffs to make the cold weather bearable as you explore your desired destinations. 

Stay hydrated 

Hydration is the most important thing when it comes to travelling. Your body will need a sufficient amount of water, especially during the winter. Make sure to consume enough water every day, and don’t forget to pack the essentials such as lip balms, petroleum jelly, and other hydrating products to keep your body hydrated. 

Eat healthily

Getting healthy foods to consume is crucial for you to stay energized during your trip. Avoid processed foods and fast foods, and pick your accommodation close to supermarkets or shopping centres so you can get your groceries easily. You can also save up more money if you cook. 

Get enough sleep 

Sleep is the most essential thing that everyone needs. Getting enough sleep is key to a good immune system and a healthy mind and body, which are things that you will need during your trip. Make sure to get enough sleep hours during the night. You can also bring your own blanket or ask for a blanket from your hotel to keep your body warm at night. 

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