Why Wine is Haram when its ingredients are Halal?

One of the things that are haram in Islam is wine. Muslims are quite aware of it and thereby they normally avoid consuming it. Muslims do wonder why it is so that wine is Haram but its ingredients such as water, grapes, and dates are Halal.

If we look at other drinks and foods that are made of halal ingredients, they are halal. All other halal ingredients goods are halal, yet the wine is haram.

Why Wine is Haram when its ingredients are Halal?

The very question was asked by a man to Iyas Ibn Mu’awiyah. Ibn Mu’awiyah was a Muslim judge of 2nd century AH who is widely known for his wisdom and knowledge. He used to live in Basra (Iraq). He was a clever man whose stories are still heard and are famous among the Arabs.

Wine: A man approached him and asked that what does Islam teaches us about Wine. Ibn Mu’awiayh replied that Islam has categorized it as Haram. Muslims are prohibited from consuming it.

Grapes: The man then inquired that what the ruling of Islam upon grapes is.  The judge replied that it is a halal fruit. Muslims are allowed to eat it.

Water and Dates: The man put forth another similar question and asked about Islamic ruling upon water and dates. The Judge replied that they are halal as well.

The man then exclaimed that if all these 3 things are halal then why is wine haram? Wine is composed of these three halal things. He challenged the judge if he could explain this.

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The answer by Ilas Ibn Muawiyah

Ibn Mu’awiyah replied wisely. He also put forth a series of questions before providing the answer. The man was shocked by the wisdom possessed by Muawiyah.

  • His first question was that if someone hits you with a hand full of dirt, will you get hurt? The man replied with a no.
  • His next question was that if someone throws some straws at you, will you get hurt? The man again replied with a no.
  • The Judge then asked that if someone hits you with water, will you get hurt. The man replied that of course not.

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The judge then said if I mix these three safe things and let them dry so that a hard brick is formed and then throw at you, will you get hurt? The man said, yes, I would get hurt I may even die because of it.

The judge then smiled and said, you have got the answer. If three safe things combined can turn into a dangerous thing then why cannot three halal ingredients form a haram wine?  May Allah keep us away from the haram things and let us consume the halal only.

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