Husband brings a beautiful maid – wife refused her entry

Saudi wife kept on insisting on hiring a full-time maid to look after the house and the couple’s child. When the wife refused to give up the demand, the husband came up with a unique solution to teach her a lesson and get rid of her maid culture.

The husband then contacted his brother-in-law and sought his help after which he brought home an extremely pretty maid. When the wife saw the pretty maid she outright refused to let her into the house.

Now the man insisted to his wife that they keep the beautiful maid and complete all the legal transfer procedures.

Panicked and confused the woman agreed to sign a deal with her husband which stated that the wife would not demand her husband to hire a full-time maid for the next ten years or until the responsibilities of the wife at home increase i.e. more children.

The woman who was willing to do anything to get rid of the beautiful maid from her house wrote down the pledge on a piece of paper and proceeded to sign it as proof that she would not ask for a maid again for the next 10 years.

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