Here is why you should choose Al Nakhla as your home

As an expat, finding a place in Saudi Arabia where you actually feel like home, might become a task. Yet, with Al-Nakhla residential resort established in the beautiful capital of Saudi Arabia, this is not an issue anymore.

The compounds provide an atmosphere which is identical to the western culture and gives the expat a feel like home even when they are away from their homes. Yet, we know that this is not enough to convince you to choose Al Nakhla as your home, so give a read below and we are sure you would be packing up for Al Nakhla!

  1. Life at Al-Nakhla: a life full of luxuries

It won’t be wrong to say that life at Al-Nakhla is full of luxuries. The Al-Nakhla compounds give you the most luxuries living experience. Whatever accommodation you choose, be it villas, apartments, royals or suites, it is furnished and built in accordance with international standards. The in-house facilities such as 24/7 services, free Wi-Fi, cleanliness, free electricity, and water, etc.

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  1. Kids exclusive: a dream place for all the kids

For pre-occupied parents, one of the greatest challenges is to put kids in safe hands and safe place. As a parent, you want them to grow and learn in a safe environment. The kid’s exclusive is the perfect place for your child to learn, spent time, play and enjoy under the supervision of trained nannies and professional children assistants. Here is what is being provided at Kid’s Exclusive:

  • An international school
  • Electronic games room
  • 6 playgrounds
  • 1 adventure soft playground
  • Arts and Crafts Room


  1. Exploring Al-Nakhla: you name it, we have it!

While you wish to roam around and give yourself space, yet you don’t want to go out into the city traffic and hustle, you just need to explore Al-Nakhla and have the fun without a hassle. Al-Nakhla is equipped with the luxury Al-Nakhla plaza where you can find all your favorite international brands like:

  • Cinnabon
  • Bread talks
  • H&M
  • Fire Grill
  • Mothercare
  • Dominos
  • Starbucks

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  1. The most secure place in Riyadh: Al-Nakhla without a doubt!

One of the biggest concerns while living anywhere is security. You won’t ever choose a place which is not secure for you and your family! Even though Saudi Arabia itself is one of the lowest crime rate countries and is safe, yet you still need to be made sure that the place you are choosing is safe. Here is what makes Al-Nakhla the safest place in Riyadh:

  • 24/7 security
  • Tenants services and call center team 24/7 support
  • Mobile Application to serve the tenants
  • Perimeter security features (motion detection, fencing)
  • CCTV service and monitoring
  • Fire alarms systems for all the units
  • Central security access control room
  • Emergency electricity system (backup)
  • Customer care service


  1. Fulfilling your transports need as no one does!

You might want to go outside, but you cannot because you are out of the transport. Your husband is out to work and has the car with him and you need to pick up your child from school! Have to pick up guests from the airport but no car available! What to do? Well, Al-Nakhla has a wide range of transport facilities for you.

  • Transportation to & from major schools in Riyadh (complimentary)
  • Transportation to & from airport
  • In-house Limousine Service
  • Twice daily transportation to malls and city landmarks (complimentary)

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