Why you need to stop taking your mobile to Toilets

I have seen this strange trend being set of people taking mobile phones to the washroom. Yikes! People do take the mobile with them to their toilets and are using them for chatting, calls and reading the newspaper on it.

Unhygienic: I know this man who takes his tablet along with him to the washroom for sake of playing games. Really, is that the only time when you can do these activities? Not only this trend is disgusting in many ways, but also is unhygienic. You are exposing yourself to bacteria and germs.

Exposure to Bacteria: You see, washrooms are full of bacteria. When you are using your phone inside the washroom several bacteria get attached to it. Even if you set it aside, wash your hands, dry them and fetch your mobile, you are exposed to bacteria. Experts say that by doing so, you are nullifying the effect of washing your hands.

Imagine coming out of the washroom without washed hands! And you do so when you carry a mobile phone or tablet with you. The same mobile remains with you all day long, in your pockets, at your eating table and even in your bed.

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Warmth provides a suitable atmosphere: The most dangerous part is that mobiles are prone to spread these bacteria and germs. These gadgets get warm with usage and while charging. Warmth provides a suitable atmosphere for bacterial growth. So if your phone was equipped with say 2 bacteria, it will multiply by time.

Believe me, on your mobile, you are housing a great number of bacteria! People once used to take newspapers and books to their washrooms. That is also not something really hygienic, but compared to mobiles, it is.

You see newspapers and magazines don’t get warm and neither they tend to remain with you all the day long. My advice here to all the folks out there is, stop taking your cell-phones or newspapers to your toilets, it is dangerous for your health.

Toothbrush: You can definitely come out and start off the activities. Relax, the world won’t end while you are in the toilets!  Make sure your toothbrushes and other equipment and covered and are kept at a distance from toilets.

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As they can also catch up germs. Spread the word and be careful. It is for you and your family’s betterment.  I have seen kids using cells of their parents if parents take their cells to washrooms and give them to their children; they are exposing them to germs and bacteria.

So please avoid this disgusting trend! Stay safe, stay healthy, say no to mobile phones in washrooms!

Source: Times of India

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