Why You Need to Know Your IP Address?

Have you ever wondered why your IP address is that important? All devices connected to the internet often have their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. These addresses make it easy for websites to identify the device. 

An IP address also links up different computer networks – they easily connect. Before you are connected to the internet, your IP address must be recognized by your computer’s networking software or hardware. The same applies to networks and websites. 

This article takes you through a few key things you need to know about your IP address. Keep reading.

Things You Need to Know About IP Address

Check out some aspects of the IP address you may not have known. 

Location Changes

Your home IP address changes when you leave the house. Your laptop or other devices would always show a new IP address for your new location. This is because you would be using a different network or ISP to connect to the internet.

The same applies whenever you use Wi-Fi at a Cafe or restaurant in another state or city. You would be using a temporary IP address, but it would be an IP assigned to the restaurant by the internet provider. Also, when you travel and lodge from one hotel to the other, your IP address changes.

Protocols are followed

For you to do any activity online, certain protocols must be followed. That is, the networking software of your computer or device is built to follow some networking rules and standards before it can be connected to the internet. When these protocols are completed, information and data can then be swapped back and forth.

The Internet Protocol (an important element of the networking protocols) provides the addressing, routing, and delivery of all online requests. It is very precise. The Internet Protocol offers an electric- return address to every online request and activity you surf. The address it generates for your connection is referred to as the IP address.

It works when there are connections

In one way or the other, a computer is often linked to the internet. Whenever a device is connected to the internet to chat, shop, or reply to an email, a request is sent out to a certain destination. In response, all data and information needed come back just as requested. 

The network could be a wireless network, ISP (Internet Service Provider), or any company network. The only way to track a single computer among the millions connected to the internet is to assign an IP address.

How often does an IP address change?

Whenever you are in a location for a while, your IP address is constant. However, if you move from one place to another so often, the Internet Service Providers may vary. According to Indeed, you hide your IP address by setting up a VPN yourself.

Often, interruptions between the internet and your router can make the IP address change. Also, your IP address can change when the leasing period with your ISP expires.  Besides, a speed test helps you know how fast the internet connectivity is. 


IP addresses are important whenever you are connected to the internet. An IP address connects you to the internet via your computer’s network. Addresses do change according to your location or ISP. Finally, with what you have read so far, there would be no need to ask what is my ip address. 

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