Why Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba is anticlockwise?

Have you ever noticed that the Muslims revolve anticlockwise around the Holy Kaaba? The anticlockwise rotation around the Holy Kaaba is known as Tawaf. The Muslims are obliged to perform the Tawaf anticlockwise.

But one does wonder why an anticlockwise Tawaf? Muslims could have been ordered to perform a clockwise Tawaf. Muslims are obedient to Allah Almighty and do not question His orders. Yet every order has its own rationale.

Now with the advent of science and technology, we can prove the importance of anticlockwise Tawaf around Holy Kaaba. Here is what science has proved to us today. Recommended: Is it allowed to perform Tawaf on behalf of others?

  1. Human Blood

We know that human blood flows around the body. However, the most interesting thing about blood circulation is that it starts circulating in the body in an anticlockwise flow! The Blood initiates its circulation Anticlockwise and it is one of the reasons why Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba is performed anticlockwise.

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  1. The movement of Atoms

When we study atoms, it is revealed to us that they are not stationary. They possess electrons that are prone to move around the nucleus.

And guess what: even electrons rotate anticlockwise around the nucleus. As Muslims perform Tawaf anticlockwise around Kaaba, electrons rotate anticlockwise around the nucleus.

  1. The planets in the solar system

The Moon: Science has verified that the planets, sun and the moon are not stationary either. They have their own orbits and axis to rotate on. The moon also rotates around the earth: the moon also rotates in an anticlockwise movement around the earth.

The Earth: The earth is not still in its place. It revolves around the sun and also revolves around its axis. The modern science and technology have proved that earth exhibits the above stated two movements.  Like above-mentioned things, the earth rotates around its axis in an anti-clockwise direction!

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Not only earth rotates in an anticlockwise direction on its own axis yet it rotates around the sun in an anticlockwise manner. Yes, science has proven the fact that both movements of the earth are in an anticlockwise direction.

Solar System: The earth is not the only planet that revolves around the sun in an anticlockwise manner. All the planets of the solar system rotate around the sun in an anticlockwise direction.

The Sun: The Sun is not still in its place either. Science tells us that Sun rotates around its own orbit and expectedly in an anticlockwise direction!

Galaxies: It has proved that all the galaxies in the space rotate in an anticlockwise way. Isn’t that amazing! When Muslims offer Tawaf in an anticlockwise direction, the entire universe is also performing a Tawaf in an anticlockwise direction.

That means that Muslims are not the only one who perform Tawaf in an anticlockwise direction around the Holy Kaaba: our solar planet is prone to rotate in an anticlockwise manner!

It looks like every object, every creation of Allah even our blood worships Allah Almighty in the same direction! Starting from the tiniest object the electron to the unbelievably large galaxies, all praise Allah Almighty by revolving anticlockwise!

When we perform Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba, indeed we are not the only ones to worship Allah by revolving anticlockwise. Subhan Allah!

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