Why Should I recite Quran even I don’t understand it?

He used to recite the Holy Quran every day

A grandfather used to live with his grandson. He used to recite the Holy Quran every day. While the grandfather was fluent in Arabic, the young grandson would often find it difficult to recite the Quran properly.

What if I don’t understand the Quran?

One fine day, the young boy asked his grandfather, if he could not understand what was written as he was not well versed in the Arabic Language.

The young boy said that even if he could read a portion of the Quran accurately, he does not understand a bit of it. He wondered, what is the point of reciting something which he does not understand or comprehend?

He gave him a basket to fill the water

The grandfather responded to the inquisitive young boy by handing him a basket made from straw, which was used to carry coal, to bring fresh water from the stream.

The boy excitedly went to the stream and did his best, but the water had leaked out of the basket since there were many holes in between the straw.

The grandfather made the young boy try again while telling him to be faster. The boy again repeated his action but still could not bring any freshwater to his grandfather.

The boy eventually gave up and told his grandfather it was not possible to bring the water in the basket.

Look at your Basket

Once the boy completely gave up, the grandfather told the boy, that the work he had done was not indeed useless and that he should look at the basket in which he was trying to carry the water. 

The basket which was earlier filled with black stains and leftover powder from the coal was now much cleaner than it was before. 

It happens when you recite the Quran

The grandfather smiled at the young boy and told him that this is what happens to our hearts when we read the Holy Quran even though we do not understand its meaning.

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