Why scorpions are getting out in open in Saudi Arabia?

A large number of scorpions are coming out of burrows in Saudi Arabia and their pictures and videos are making rounds on social media.

According to the Meteorologist Saleh Al-Sheikhi, as the season has changed, the scorpion and snake are leaving their burrows and thus are witnessed in different parts of the country. A warning has been issued country-wide so that the citizens and residents be eyeful of it.

Saleh Al-Sheikhi explained that this is the breeding season of snakes and scorpions. Thereby they are entering the houses. It is now on the people to be careful of them.

People living in the desert areas are at major risk. The residents of the deserts, ancient settlements, and slum dwellers need to be careful in this season.

However, people living in high-rise buildings are at less risk of scorpions and snakes. The people living far from deserts are also safe. In a tweet, Saleh Al-Sheikhi warned people about scorpions.

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