Why my one eye sees darker than the other one?

Nowadays there are various issues which are associated with the well-being of eyes. Eyes are amongst the very important organs of the human body and everybody should take care of one’s eyes. The condition in which one eye sees darker than the other is one common problem.

People suffering from this condition explains that they visualize things darker from one eye and the other eye sees the same thing in lighter color tone as compared to the other eye. The majority says their left eye is the cause of the concern because through left eye things appear greenish/gray.

On the other hand, the right eye functions are also affected by the condition stimulated in the left eye. People with this condition also feel pain under the left eye when they tend to lie down on the bed. They explain that they feel a difference in seeing things during the night time.

2699 Why my one eye sees darker than the other one

Is it a normal condition?

1-The first and foremost thing is to visit a doctor and to get an eye test. If your test does not diagnose any abnormality it means, there is a slight difference between your two eyes.

2-There is a difference between the visions of two eyes which is not normally present.

3-People complain of pain under the eye when they lay down which is not a normal phenomenon.

4-Due to this condition, everything appears more saturated because the pupil of the eye has dilated itself when being shut.

5-One might feel worried to see the colors appearing different from the actual but apparently, it’s not something very dangerous.

When should I seek doctor’s advice?

1-If you think that the condition is not improving, you should take measures, to begin with, the treatment. It would not be advisable to leave things untreated.

2-If you are facing some symptoms of retinal detachment, including flashes of light or floaters in your vision, it means you must seek a doctor for immediate treatment.

3-Visit your doctor if you feel that a curtain has been lowered on the part of your vision. This is serious because this might have occurred due to a stroke.

4-If you are experiencing inflammation and severe light sensitivity, it’s high time to take doctor’s advice.

5-Your eyes must have been exposed to a foreign object that is causing scarring and pain. Wash your eyes with running cold water.

6-Sometimes the contact lenses you wear cause severe indications like redness in eyes leading to greater problems. Irritation reveals that one is not comfortable and therefore should replace the contact lenses. This is a result of the corneal ulcer which contributes towards abrasion and corneal inflammation.

7-Internal bleeding due to severe eye injury leads to fracture of your eye bone.

8-So, anyone suffering from eye irritation, redness, discharge or pain should not ignore the condition and seek doctor ‘s advice immediately.

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