Why is WhatsApp calling banned in Saudi Arabia?

Ever wondered why WhatsApp audio and video calling is banned in Saudi Arabia? We have covered the basic reasons here.

Caller’s Identity

According to Samir Al-Junaid, a Saudi technology expert, WhatsApp video and audio calls are banned in Saudi Arabia due to the reason that the caller identification can be faked. The only condition to open these calls is to assure that the caller is not fake.

The only condition that the Saudi Communications Authority has imposed on the calls-over-the-internet is they shall ensure real  and identifiable identity of the caller.

Loss of Cellular Companies

Some people say that if WhatsApp calling is allowed, the cellular companies would not be able to make money selling their calling packages and that’s the reason the Saudi government has blocked it. However, it is a wrong perception.

If a WhatsApp calling feature is enabled in Saudi Arabia, the cellular companies would be able to sell even more internet packages than ever before. Consequently, companies would be making more money.

Source: Urdu News

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