Why is the town of Bisha also known as the town of palm dates?

Saudi Arabia is a Kingdom that many of us only know as the land of two Holy Mosques. We are unaware of the other beauties that are also the epitome of Saudi Arabia. One such beauty in Saudi Arabia is the land of Bisha.

The town of Bisha is also known as Qal’at Bisha. This town is located in Asir, the South Western Province of Saudi Arabia. It is located at a height of about 2,000 feet above sea level and is inhabited by 240 villages and nearly 58 larger settlements.

These villages and settlements are spread on both sides of the Qal’at Bisha.  Qal’at Bisha is also known as the longest valley in Arabian Peninsula.  

The famous King Fahad dam which is also known as one of the largest dams in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the height of about 103 meters and 507 meters lengthy was built in Qal’at Bisha in order to provide water to the population centers and irrigate the farms and support its agriculture activities.

80,000 Palm Date Trees: The town of Bisha holds nearly 800,000 palm dates trees and has now also famously known for its palm cultivation and is also the town of palm dates.

Due to its abundant water facility, and high soil fertility the amount of palm trees cultivation is increasing and thus the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture and Water is quite concerned about this town for its immense agriculture.

Historical and Archeological Villages: Besides the cultivation of palm trees, there are several other trees and their fruits are sold widely in cities of the Kingdom. The town of Bisha is also famous for holding many historical and archeological villages and sites.

The beautiful road and King Fahad Dam and lush green palm forests double the beauty of this town. It possesses natural beauty and is an abundant source of natural life.

Why is the town of Bisha also known as the town of palm dates?Read: https://goo.gl/T4TdFw

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The village of Bani Umer in Tabala which dates back to 400 years is just 70 km west from Qal’at Bisha. Bisha is also famous for the white Sayirah Mountain also known for its white Quartz and it is located on the Eastern side of the Bisha- al- Ryn- Riyadh Highway.

If you just see the picture we have attached in the Facebook post above, you would definitely love to visit the place. It is so mesmerizing to visit the mountains full of green palm trees.

Source: Al Arabiya

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