Why is the cost of teaching driving to women is 6 times higher than men?

The Saudi Kingdom is stepping into the new era of development and advancement and soon the women will be able to drive their cars and hoot their horns on the roads. The date is coming near the women are enthusiastic as well as afraid to drive for the first time on the roads that were meant only for men for decades.

Most women have repeated several questions to General Department of Traffic and responsible authorities and are waiting for the answers but still, they are not getting any response or any suitable answers to their questions.

01-Improve the Kingdom’s Infrastructure: First of all, women have demanded the General Department of Traffic to form a plan and improve the Kingdom’s infrastructure before the date when women will come out to drive. 

02-Number of Driving Schools for Women: The second main problem the women are facing nowadays in the Kingdom is the limited number of driving schools for women and they all are confined in five or six cities. There is still not any driving institute for women in Makkah, Madinah, Abha, Najran, and Jazan.

Even the agencies who signed the agreement with driving schools to teach women how to drive have also yet not announced their partnership.

03-Six times higher charges to learn driving: However, the limited number of driving schools are charging six times more charges than that of they charge to men for teaching them driving. In one of the University in Riyadh, the driving teaching cost for women is announced SR 2,500 which was later decreased to 2,400 after deducting VAT.

The Jeddah advanced driving school is charging women from SR2,250 and it has also announced the additional VAT and extra cost relating to the issuing of the license.

This all is happening because the cost of teaching women how to drive has not been set by the Government and this made the driving school charge what they wish.

Why is the cost of teaching driving to women higher? Besides this, the strange news is that Dr. Abdul Hameed Al- Mojil the Head Manager of the Saudi Traffic Safety Society in a recent article stated that the cost of teaching women to drive is going to be SR2,000 to SR3,000.

Driving schools for women are going to be exemplary schools and are totally different from driving school for men. Women will be taught driving under qualified trainers and thus the cost is determined according to high-quality trainers.

Al Mojil was employed by Saudi Traffic Society which was established in 2010 to monitor road accidents and he linked the shameful number of a road accident in the Kingdom to men driving badly which is attributed to its poor training and it can also be due to far more leniency in the way driving license is issued to men.

How much men are charged to teach driving? This statement of Al- Mojil was taken as a conflicting statement because the men in the Kingdom are charged no more than SR450 for five days teaching lesson and SR560 for 15 days of the lesson.

The cost for both men and women are highly different and the reason is an illogical cost for women is six times more than the charge for men? Why is it so? Do they need any extra lesson for teaching?

However, all the women in the Kingdom are questioning the Saudi Government to look into this matter otherwise the women will get behind the wheels without a driving license or proper training.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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