Why is Emirates Airlines named EK rather than EA?

Have you ever wondered why Emirates Airlines flight numbers start with EK instead of EA or EM? There is a story behind it.

Emirates Airlines 1st Flight

Emirates airline’s first flight, EK600, was from Dubaio Karachi, Pakistan, on 25 October 1985. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) helped the UAE to launch the airline service.

The pilot of the first flight to Karachi, Captain Fazle Ghani Mian, was also a Pakistani national.

Why is Emirates Airlines named EK rather than EA?

Why is Emirates Airlines named EK?

Now, returning to the same question, why does the Emirates Airlines flight number start with EK when the letter “K” is not even in its name?

Emirates Airlines decided to keep the letters EK to pay tribute to Pakistan, which helped them launch the airline as PIA was a premium airline then.

  • In the EK, E represents Emirates, and K denotes Karachi.

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