Why Fruits in Saudi Arabia have a Fake Wax Coating? How dangerous is it?

Fruits are essential for a healthy diet and the variety is as important as quantity. Anyone fruit cannot provide the complete nutrient one needs to be healthy that’s why eat plenty of fruits every day. A fruit help to keep the blood pressure in level improves digestion, improves eyesight, reduces the risk of cardiac diseases and stroke, prevents some types of cancer and have a positive effect on blood sugar.

Eat different types, color, and variety of fruits because it gives mix nutrients which our body needs it. Sadly, many of the products that we use in our daily life are wrapped in wax which is made from harmful chemicals and which can damage the health of a person.[irp]

Farmers and manufacturers of fruit usually cover their fruits with a wax coating which helps in protecting them beyond the harvest season. Firstly, they remove the natural wax by washing them, then they coat the fruits such as apples and oranges in a petroleum-based wax.

Wax is used in preserving the fruits from going bad. It avoids fungus and bacteria from attacking them, as claimed by the manufacturers. They also argue that customers choose shiny waxed fruit but in many cases, it is coated for beauty purpose rather than the requirement.

The wax is also used in adding color and giving them a more natural appearance and attractiveness. Wax creates a shine and protection from browning and it gives 50% longer shelf life to the product. Coating manufacturers did not disclose their ingredients. They keep it a secret. There is a big science in the wax coating. It has been confirmed that many different types of such waxes contain allergens such as gluten, dairy, and soy.

A conventional wax coating includes chemicals and fungicides. They can also use non-natural coloring and dyes which are meant to improve the form of waxes. These dyes used in food products are dangerous for health as it increases the risk of cancer.

Organic Fruit wax includes ingredients like beeswax, wood resin and carnauba wax which are made from the leaves of the palm tree. They also contain no chemicals, petroleum-based ingredients or fungicides.

Companies should avoid using conventional wax coating because it contains harmful chemicals dangerous to human health. They should use wax that is made of only natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals like;

Tal-Prolong: It helps in delaying the browning of banana and apples. It consists of sucrose esters of fatty acid.

Syncera: It consists of Carnauba wax, shellac resin, and polyethylene. These are coated on citrus fruits and usually found in some chewing gum and some cheese.

Semper Fresh: This wax product is similar to Tal-Prolong and used for coating of apples, pears, melons, bananas and more.

Wax coated fruits and vegetables should be washed properly. Still, there is a chance that some particles may be left but it is a better choice than eating the coated ones. Fruits should be scrubbed with a brush under running water. Baking soda and lemon juice help in removing dirt and wax from the fruits and vegetables.

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