Why does lightning strike only Clock Tower in Makkah?

Every time after heavy rain and thunderstorms, videos and pictures of lightning striking the crescent of the clock tower in Makkah go viral on social media. Ever wondered why lightning strikes only the Clock Tower in Makkah πŸ•‹?

Actually, lightning only strikes the crescent moon on top of the clock tower because the Makkah clock contains 20 automatically extending lightning conductors, & 800 fixed rods to protect the watch & lights from lightning.

The rods stick atop the highest point of the clock tower and attract the lightning bolt. Once the bolt strikes, the rod safely channels millions of volts of energy through copper or aluminum cables into the ground, thereby protecting the tower from the massive energy surge.


So, the simple answer is that the lightning strikes only the clock tower in Makkah because it attracts the lightning to strike it.

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