Why do women in Pakistan struggle to get a divorce with dignity?

Women in Pakistan not only suffer the cultural taboo of divorce but also struggle to get one. Even though getting a divorce is the legal Islamic right of women, nonetheless, it is not easily available to women in Pakistan.

We do know that divorce in Islam is something that is not liked by Allah Almighty, but then we need to understand that it there for a reason. When two people cannot find compatibility among each other, they won’t be able to give due rights of each other and thereby the whole concept of marriage will break apart.

What happens when a woman asks for a divorce?

If a woman in Pakistan decides to get a divorce from her husband, it is ought that the woman has caused disgrace for the man. In case, where the man is not willing to give her the divorce, be it ego issues or others, the woman is made to suffer resulting in unnecessary delays in divorce.

A Pakistani woman shares her experience of divorce. She says that she was thrown out by her husband from the house and thereby 6 weeks after the incident, she filed a divorce case.

She was nervous during her first three hearings at the court as her husband has not attended a single hearing and the chairman of the Islamabad Arbitration Council, persuaded her not to get a divorce.

The problem was that he was the one who had to sign the papers so that the divorce could take place, yet he was reluctant to do so and would simply tell her not to dissolve the marriage because of over-charged emotions.

She is always pushed to compromise

Rather than understanding the fact that the woman was thrown out of the house and the husband had not apologized over it in 6 weeks, the wife was being told to reconcile.  Also, 80% of woman are forced to go back to their husband’s home.

While the cases that are filed by women are dragged intentionally up to years. Laaleen Sukhera who is a Pakistani author struggled for 2 years to get a divorce. Is such a divorce justified?

Thereby it is believed that in Pakistan, getting a divorce while dignity is a hell of a task for a woman. Even after the divorce, she is looked down by the society. Chaudhry Muhammad Umar, who is a barrister experienced in family law, among 100 cases dealt by him, only 2 were filed by women.

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